AimStar’s 2024 Office Open Day: Year of the Dragon Insights with wealth and prosperity

Markham, January 24, 2024

Vikki Zhao

Published Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024, 2 min read.

AimStar’s 2024 Office Open Day: Year of the Dragon Insights successfully hosted its highly anticipated 2024 New Year Office Open Day on January 24, 2024, marking the first celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

During the event, the “AimStar Insights session” was presented by Jason Chen CIM®, Head of Wealth Management at AimStar, and Tony Yuan CIM®, Head of Products & Investment Strategy, providing participants with an in-depth analysis of AimStar’s investment strategy, showcasing investment returns for 2022 and 2023, as well as the outlook for the projected returns across various asset classes in 2024.

Jason Chen initially delineated AimStar’s operations as a fully registered securities firm in Canada. He emphasized AimStar’s diversified investment strategies and its exceptional performance in risk management and high-quality investments. Amidst the market turmoil of 2022, which presented significant challenges, AimStar effectively controlled drawdowns and achieved positive returns, delivering substantial gains to investors. In 2023, AimStar once again outperformed market averages, reaffirming its successful strategies in diversified asset allocation and high-quality investments. Jason noted that AimStar continues to seek new investment opportunities and optimize portfolios to ensure sustainable high returns for clients.

Meanwhile, Jason Chen emphasized that AimStar Capital Group Inc. is a registered Canadian Investment Dealer and a Member of IIROC (now merged as CIRO), highlighting AimStar’s strong commitment to compliance and absolute protection of investors. AimStar will continue to adhere to the highest industry standards to safeguard the interests and investment security of its clients.

Tony Yuan then provided a detailed overview of AimStar’s four investment strategies: cash management, bond investments, stock investments, and alternative investments, explaining the characteristics of each strategy and their performance in 2022 and 2023. Especially during periods of high stock market volatility, AimStar’s diversification and drawdown control strategies provided investors with stable returns. Tony also emphasized AimStar’s customized simple solutions for clients and created the best in-service experience for clients, upholding values of integrity, Professionalism, and Innovation.

Finally, Tony shared the outlook for returns in various asset classes for 2024, providing participants with information about future investment opportunities. He emphasized AimStar’s continued to set ourselves apart from other financial institutions by implementing a multidimensional system for product selection and risk management.

Another highlight of the event was the traditional Chinese hand fan-making activity. Participants came together in a rich atmosphere of Chinese tradition to create hand fans, enjoying tea and snacks, leaving behind a unique Chinese New Year imprint, savoring the fusion of Chinese traditional culture and modern financial knowledge.

Kevin Cao, President of AimStar, expressed the company’s great pleasure in celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Dragon with friends from different communities. AimStar will continue to dedicate itself to providing support and investment opportunities to investors in the community, looking ahead to 2024, when the Canadian investment market will be full of opportunities.

The Dragon Year arrives, where past and future fuse,

May the golden dragon’s grace in abundance infuse.

AimStar Open Day, at the beginning of the new year,

A promising dawn, with wealth and blessings galore.

In this Chinese New Year, we greet with joy and cheer,

Wash fortune and success be always near, and simple!

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