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Experienced, Professional Team

AimStar Capital Group‘s team is made up of professionals from various financial industries in North America, including top-tier Hedge funds, publicly traded securities firms, and the big accounting firms.

AimStar’s founding team has a diverse background, with half of its team members coming from China. Our cultural background and diversity of our overall team willl help us better serve different communities based upon our innate traditional values; and our goal is to popularize financial investment knowledge with our next-level, client-centric service. At AimStar, we are focused on Best-in-Class Service by strengthening the overall asset allocation management of client investments. Through Leadership and communication, it is also our desire to empower all individuals who may have aspirations with the financial and investment fields. 

Utilizing our management team’s professional experience and local expertise, AimStar Capital Group Inc. became the registered Canadian Investment Dealer and a Member of IIROC (now merged as CIRO) in September 2022.

Also, AimStar is Canada’s first registered Investment Firm to obtain a dual-registration under the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) as of May 2023.

We are committed to providing high-quality financial services to our clients and helping them achieve their investment goals.

Our Leadership Team

Kevin Cao

President & CCO

AimStar Group President

Bruce B. Carroll

Vice President

Head of Fixed Income

Jason Chen

Vice President

Head of Wealth Management

Tony Yuan

Vice President

Head of Products and Strategy

Emily Li

Vice President

Director of Operation

Ethan ID

Ethan Ge

Vice President

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions

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AimStar also utilizes its cultural expertise to create customized investment solutions and asset allocation for clients from diverse backgrounds. We promote innovation, integrity, and teamwork to pursue clients’ interests in a fair and transparent manner.

AimStar Advisory Service

Diverse Investment Options | Personalized Financial Planning | Regular Portfolio Reviews
$100,000 Tier

AimStar Private Wealth

Customized Investment Strategies | Comprehensive Wealth Management | Exclusive Private Events
$1 Million Tier