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Headquarters: Markham, ON
Size: 11–50 employees


Being at the vanguard of the industry is the firm’s calling card. 

AimStar became one of the first dually registered firms post-merger of IIROC and MFDA in 2023.  

“Dual registration facilitates a smoother transition for advisors seeking to elevate client portfolios from mutual fund-only to encompass full securities solutions. This framework enables us to deliver personalized and highly specialized advice, tailored precisely to our clients’ unique circumstances,” says Tony Yuan, VP and director. “The motivation behind this launch was to enhance regulatory clarity and flexibility, thereby fostering an environment where advisors can thrive and clients can access the highest caliber of financial advice and services.” 

The dual registration status attracts more industry professionals such as portfolio managers, investment advisors, and mutual fund representatives. 

“We are creating opportunities for the advisors to thrive and for clients to access the highest caliber of financial advice and services,” adds Yuan. 

Other features AimStar deploys include: 

  • AI-Powered Chatbot Assistant: Trained in wealth planning principles and AimStar’s offerings, the chatbot provides 24-hour assistance, improving client onboarding experiences and ensuring access to essential information anytime for enhanced client support.

  • Wealth Planning Asset Allocation Process: This revolutionary initiative to diversify asset allocation strategies resulted in increased cash equivalent allocation, providing stability and liquidity amid a high-interest-rate environment. Additionally, there are expanded offerings to include alternative asset classes such as private equity and digital assets, enhancing portfolio resilience and long-term returns for clients.

“We emphasize an integrity culture, and our commitment to ethical conduct and professionalism ensures that we consistently deliver the best service to our clients, fostering a work environment that is both challenging and rewarding”

To drive continued success and deliver for clients, AimStar utilises three foundational pillars. 

1.  Comprehensive Investment Strategies

  • diversified wealth management approach by incorporating alternative assets and personalized financial planning tools

  • implemented a faster due diligence process for alternative investments, utilizing quantitative methodologies and fundamental analysis

2.  Regulatory Excellence

  • dual registration status post-merger of IIROC and MFDA, showcasing proactive regulatory compliance

  • collaborated closely with regulators to ensure clear and consistent regulations tailored to each registration category, fostering advisor success

3.  Client-Centric Innovation

  • AI-powered chatbot (50 percent of clients have utilised it and it led to a 100 percent increase in web traffic)

  • empowered clients make informed financial decisions, demonstrating AimStar’s commitment to delivering exceptional service

Yuan adds, “We are committed to innovation, offering a wide range of alternative assets and comprehensive financial planning tools to meet diverse client needs and goals.” 

Another key focus for AimStar is bringing in new talent.

“We target new advisors who aspire to transition from mutual fund to full securities, especially those in the phase of continuous progress and increasing their book size,” comments Yuan. “We seek candidates who possess not only high skills and knowledge in finance and wealth management, but also a strong commitment to ethical conduct and professional excellence.” 

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AimStar also utilizes its cultural expertise to create customized investment solutions and asset allocation for clients from diverse backgrounds. We promote innovation, integrity, and teamwork to pursue clients’ interests in a fair and transparent manner.

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