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Goals-based approach Investment portfolio Tailoring Rigorous investment manager selection Disciplined asset allocation and re-balancing IPO/Investment banking Global scale and reach Consolidated reporting

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Customized insurance designing Education Funding Strategies Retirement income and investment planning Tax and Estate planning Private company advisory services Family Foundation / Trust considerations, set-up, and supervision

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Investment Annual Conference Private Wealth Invitation-Only events 24-Hour Private Healthcare Solutions



Investment services are offered by AimStar Capital Group Inc.

Insurance services are offered by AimStar Insurance Inc.

Tax & Estate Services are also offered by AimStar Insurance Inc.

AimStar Private Wealth Invitation Only events including but not limited to Advisory services for real estate, art collections, private yachts, hedge fund portfolios, and more.

24-Hour Private Healthcare Solution: Service Scope Determined by a Third Party, Independent of Aimstar Capital Group Inc.

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Wealth management

Goal Planning Monitoring Investing

The AimStar portfolio construction and allocation is based on the needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon for each client. Our Goal Planning Monitoring (GPM) questionnaire gives us a baseline to determine where you land on the curve; whether it be a low-risk tolerance investor focused on capital preservation, a high-risk investor, or somewhere in between.

Multi-Asset Solutions Team

The Multi-Asset Solutions Team (MAST) has created exclusive asset allocation models tailored for AimStar Private Wealth. These models draw upon the identical framework and methodology employed by AimStar for its own financial management. Previously accessible solely to institutional clients, this refined investment approach is now accessible to individual Investors via Aimstar Private Wealth.

Risk Management Research

The Risk Management Research (RMR) team is responsible for evaluating and approving a select group of top-tier investment managers for the institutional solutions component of your tailored portfolio. RMR conducts comprehensive research and analysis, taking into consideration both the investment landscape and the unique requirements of AimStar’s Private Wealth Clientele. Throughout this process, our RMR team upholds AimStar’s stringent standards without compromise.

Private Wealth Investment Committee

With expertise in asset allocation models, AimStar’s Private Wealth Investment Committee (APWIC) collaborates closely with MAST and RMR; and works with your Personal Wealth Advisor to furnish personalized investment advisory services tailored to meet your require.



* The proficiency of MAST, RMR, and APWIC coalesce along with your Private Wealth Counsellors to create a stringent system of checks and balances, ensuring the meticulous management of your wealth and affording you a profound sense of peace and security.

You benefit from

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our Private senior wealth advisors are licensed and registered fiduciaries under regulation by CIRO. As fiduciaries, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when looking after our clients’ interests. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, and as an AimStar Private Wealth client, you can be assured every decision will be made with your best interest in mind.

Strategic Rebalancing

As market conditions change and holdings in your portfolio move up and down, we will proactively rebalance your portfolio at regular intervals. This will ensure we are realizing profits from winning positions and taking advantage of cheaper prices as opportunities arise.


Because we charge a management fee on a percentage basis, you do not pay anything when a financial transaction occurs in your portfolio. This zero-commission structure ensures every investment decision is based on quality fundamentals, not an underlying commission.

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