AimStar Capital Launches New Investment Advisor Training Program for 2024

Vikki Zhao


PUBLISHED May 21, 2024, 11:30 AM EST. 6 min read.

Markham, May 23, 2024 — Since its inception, AimStar Capital Group Inc. has continued to grow, heralding a new era in Canada’s investment sector. As an IIROC-certified independent brokerage, AimStar Capital is constantly exploring and developing innovative financial solutions for the extensive Chinese community, while embracing the opportunities and challenges brought about by industry advancements.


Given the complexity of all securities products, diverse trading methods, stringent compliance restrictions, and the demand for the latest high-quality products, the AimStar investment advisory team is required to dedicate extra time and effort to refine their professional skills. Additionally, AimStar Capital has recently completed its first audit by the Canadian Investment Industry Regulatory Organization (CIRO) since its establishment, laying a solid foundation for the company’s compliance and development.


To continually enhance service quality and advisor expertise, AimStar Capital is proud to announce the launch of a professional training program for investment advisors. This initiative will bring together registered RR, IR, and Mutual Fund Advisors from Ontario, along with top experts from major asset management firms, who will visit AimStar Capital’s headquarters to provide in-depth training and practical experience sharing. Colleagues from British Columbia will participate synchronously through an online training system.


During the training, if the advisory team encounters any issues related to sales, product selection, or compliance standards, they can seek professional support and guidance from the Wealth Management, Product Development, and Compliance departments.


AimStar Capital is committed to enhancing team professionalism and service quality through ongoing education and professional development. We believe that this training will further professionalize our team, enabling them to provide more efficient and compliant financial solutions to our clients.

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