AimStar Capital Group Inc. Expands Footprint with Grand Opening of Vancouver Office

Vancouver, October 15, 2023

AimStar Capital Group Inc.TM (AimStar) marked a significant milestone on the Canadian West Coast with the grand opening of its Vancouver office at the River Rock Conference Center on October 15th.

Nestled in Burnaby’s bustling business hub at Metrotown Tower 1, 1030, AimStar’s Vancouver branch underscores the firm’s resolute commitment to expansion and its unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive financial services to the Canadian populace.

AimStar Capital Group Inc. stands as a paragon of integrity, professionalism, and innovation, bearing the esteemed titles of both IIROC Dealer and CIRO Dealer. The firm’s mission is unequivocal: to furnish clients with excellent financial services.

During the Vancouver office opening ceremony, AimStar’s executives articulated their expectations and commitments for the company’s growth.

Mr. Kevin Cao, AimStar Group President, expounded upon the arduous journey to becoming a CIRO Dealer and introduced the development of AimStar’s Offices across Canada. Mr. Cao underscored AimStar’s pillars of professionalism and Integrity, championing a customer-centric ethos. Significantly, Mr. Cao emphasized Vancouver’s importance to the Chinese community in Canada. He expressed a fervent desire to ameliorate the financial product investment experience within this community, propagate financial knowledge, and fortify the concepts of holistic asset allocation.

Mr. Tony Yuan, Vice President of AimStar, subsequently elucidated AimStar’s comprehensive suite of financial services and its distinctive competitive advantages. The services include investment management, risk management, tax optimization, and estate planning.

AimStar, as a rare and fully compliant full securities investment dealer in Canada, encompasses a diverse array of product portfolios, including GICs, structured products, North American equities, bonds, ETFs, Mutual funds, financial derivatives, and even opportunities in the primary market, featuring private equity, hedge funds, preferred share, and private real estate funds. Notably, AimStar’s institutional private equity funds deviate markedly from their counterparts in the market, boasting a trifecta of low management fees, high liquidity, and heightened flexibility.

Eminent as an independent boutique firm, AimStar places a premium on fiduciary responsibility, remaining impervious to extraneous influences. This distinctive service model positions client interests above all else, firmly believing that the success of our clients is our success.

In this momentous juncture, AimStar extends its gratitude to the Vancouver office’s leader Team, who will spearhead AimStar’s foray into the Vancouver market.

Moreover, AimStar extends profound appreciation to its longstanding Partners, including but not limited to Fidelity Investments (Taylor Lee) 、Vanguard (Parm Dhaliwal) 、Dynamic Funds (Nav Mattu) 、Avenue Living (Jessie Yang) 、Picton Mahoney (Henry Chau) 、Trez Capital (Runyu Wang & Derek Wasson) 、Mackenzie Investment(Damita Dai). Their unwavering support and collaboration have constituted the linchpin of AimStar’s ascendant trajectory.

The inauguration of AimStar Capital Group Inc.’s Vancouver office epitomizes a pivotal stride in the firm’s relentless commitment to bestow comprehensive financial services. AimStar remains resolute in its dedication to proffering unparalleled financial investment solutions to its clientele while expanding the horizons of investment possibilities for all investors.

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