2024 Federal Budget Significant Change: How the New Rate Affects What Investors Will Pay on Capital Gains

On  April 16th, 2024, the Canadian government unveiled its 2024 Federal Budget, introducing several significant changes that will impact investors and homebuyers.

Major Changes


1.Increase in Capital Gains Inclusion Rate


The 50% original capital gains inclusion rate is being raised to two-thirds (that is, 66 2/3%), although for individuals it is only on gains above $250,000. More specifically:

    1. Individuals – the inclusion rate increases to 66 2/3% on capital gains over $250,000 in a year
    1. Corporations and trusts – the inclusion rate increases to 66 2/3%, for all capital gains realized

    The new higher rate applies to gains realized on or after June 25th, 2024. Please note: The change in the inclusion rate should not impact our class structure, as it distributes capital gains, not taxable capital gains. The inclusion rate applies at the investor level.

    See how this new rate affects what investors will pay on capital gains in the below table. (these assume the highest marginal tax rate of 53.53% in ONT):

    2. Increase in the Home Buyers’ Plan Withdrawal Limit


    The $35,000 original withdrawal limit for the Home Buyers Plan is being raised to $60,000.

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